Friday, December 7, 2007

Davidson Seasons

Friends and Family,

God has led us through these past months with a sense of His grace. Christie and I both have been able in these last few months to rest in the goodness and greatness of God, seeing His hand of provision leading and guiding us. We have enjoyed this new season in our lives and pray God's continued vision for our lives.

1). Micah is now walking...completely on his own, un-assisted and without delay! Our little boy is growing up.

2). The conference Christie and I attended back in the early part of November was wonderful, and life-changing. It was a "counseling" conference, but really it was for any Christian, and the focus was on fear, anxiety, and worry. God used it tremendously in both our lives, as well as in my work with counselees.

3). Lastly, in January of this year, we resigned our post after five years of service at Bethel Baptist Church. It was one of the hardest things I've walked through. We sensed God calling us to a new season for many reasons: the new ministry of full time counseling (Isaiah 61:1), an opportunity to rest and regroup from pastoral ministry as He potentially prepares us one day to enter that work again; we so desire to see the church of God, His bride flourish in this new century, and we earnestly desire to be a part of that work, and lastly, the opportunity to grow our new little family in deepening spiritual maturity. In these recents months, God has allowed us a season of much personal growth and trusting in Him. We have been at a wonderful church (see previous posts), and have savored God's Word there, and worshipped in God's assembly in wonderful ways. That church has been called by God to plant a church, and long and short, we were approached in mid September about the possibility of me becoming that new church's first Director of Worship. This will not be a job, but rather a Sunday position where once again, I would be using musical gifts in the service of Christ. I'd be, along with Christie, on a launch team to lend support and encouragement to this church's pastor and would also get to use the gift of counseling in this church. This could be a short period of time, or a longer period of time, but either way, we would be using gifts, and encouraging as I continued in counseling ministry. This would not detract us from our season of rest as I would not be in the position of an elder or pastor, but rather give us the opportunity to learn from this pastor and continue on my prayerful quest of God's next step for my calling to ministry.
After many weeks, even months of praying and discussing, Christie and I accepted this offer, and this church will begin to meet weekly in February, 2008. We never saw this coming, and still are amazed at God's guidance. This will allow us to serve, but still rest as we seek God's continuing call in our lives. My "job" fulltime will still be the counseling center ministy. This new church plant will let me use music for His glory, yet serve under Godly elders.
Pray for us in this, as the church is starting from "scratch". We will meet early on in a school (Smithfield, Va), and focus on the "equipping of the saints, for the work of the ministry". I will have the opportunity to be under and accountable to a wonderful, humble Pastor/Teacher and ultimately a group of elders. Christie will get to use her gifts in her continuing passion of women's ministries. We are excited about this new work, but also aware of so many positive memories from our last season at Bethel. Don't worry, this will take up some time, but the Davidson family is still committed to our season or rest and simplification of our schedule.
Blessings to you this Christmas season.