Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

Well, 2007 is just about to end. It has been a year of great joy and at times a year of sadness. The year began with a family vacation down south. The three of us piled into our Corolla, and set off for a weeklong vacation. We stopped by on our way to Alabama to see our friends Jason and Cayce and their four kids in South Carolina. We had a great visit with them, and then headed for Birmingham so that I could take Christie and Micah to my old college stomping grounds. What a joy to see some friends, and to make some memories.

Next, we began the process of telling our faith family at Bethel that we were leaving in April. We felt God calling us for a new season of ministry to Genesis Counseling Center where I would be a counselor and the Practice Administrator. We would stay at Bethel until right after Easter to see the church through another year of EasterPraise…this has become a precious time each year in my life, and we were able to lead Bethel through 4 years of EasterPraise. What a time of true community this year’s was. Even with the knowledge that we were leaving, we, and our church family stepped in and make this another time of community, and outreach. I loved working side by side each year with brothers and sisters in Christ for a singular purpose…

My work and ministry at Genesis started well, and even though it was different, I began, and still do, see a lot of people. Sitting with the hurting and the brokenhearted was and is an honor, but it can be quite wonderful to see how God binds up the brokenhearted and sets the captives free.

Christie, Micah, myself, and my dad would attend a conference for Pastors in Minneapolis, MN, where again we would be blessed by the ministry of John Piper.
We shared our last Sunday at Bethel on April 15, and said “see you later” to so many friends and loved ones. Our family, along with Christie’s parents would begin to visit some new churches, mostly those Reformed in Theology. It was a wonderful experience. During this time, we were able to rest in God, and take and opportunity to as a family savor the Christ. Christie began to read some new books, and was really an encouragement to me each and every day as we watched little Micah grow, eat new food, stop drinking a bottle, start to crawl. We praise God for our little boy…what a treasure family is! Upon the recommendation of my dad, we visited Westminster Reformed Church in Suffolk. From then until now, we have been worshipping there. We are beginning to love that family, and are so blessed by the excellence in preaching, and the dedication and freedom in worship each week.

In May, we finally sold our house on Holmes Blvd, and we would move to our new house and 2 acre wonderland on Russell Lane. We were amazed by God’s provision and are so blessed to have this house. The previous owners were very nice to us in holding the house for us until closing. So many friends itched in to help us movc. God is good.

Christie and would celebrate our birthdays in July (she is a little younger than me), and we would also celebrate Micah’s first birthday with family and friends. During this second half of the year, we would also gather often with some dear friends for fellowship and Bible study, and I would make contact with a church planting pastor and over the course of the next months move to accept the responsibility and privilege to help with this church plan in the area of music and Christie with women’s ministry. Christie would begin her first blog ( Christie is continuing to grow into a virtuous woman, a true mother and wife. I believe God is proud of His daughter.

We would celebrate our second wedding anniversary on November 13th, and Christie would surprise me with a night away. Then came Thanksgiving, and then my family would travel to Jefferson City TN to watch my younger brother receive his college degree. My Mom and Dad and Nana would be there, all to share in the joy. They all had full years in 2007 as well. Such a blessing to live close to them. Next came Christmas, and here we are….

This year has been marked with joy, and many changes. We are excited about the church plant, and looking forward to leading in that capacity as we seek God’s will during this time of rest and preparation. We look forward to 2008…I believe some schooling/seminary decisions will be made, and the church plant is set to begin officially in early March. We are also thinking about how to personally be involved in the work in Morocco. Christie and I are taking refuge in family, and we enjoy seeing Micah walk through the house all by himself.

I am likely leaving many things out, but as I look back, I can see how truly blessed we are…spiritually in Christ, materially, and with many loving family and friends. I have great cause to rejoice. I have been apart of joy in weddings, great sadness in funerals, and have seen my own mind and heart be challenged in new ways by the Word of God. Just the other day, my friend Dale gave me a sword (I gave him one the previous year) as a reminder to continue fighting the good fight. What a year of changes. Keep in touch with us…I want to blog more. Send us an email, or give us a call. What a joy to walk with God and get to see others do the same as well.
How far we’ve come, yet “miles to go before we sleep”…