Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Launch Countdown...

The new year is now in full swing. I have been busy at work, our family has gotten back into its "routine". Micah is now practically running all over the house. We are now more fully engaged in the planning of the new church. Our launch date is March 9, but we will have a few preview services before then, and we are looking forward to this new venture. We are not sure how long God is calling us to this new body, but we are excited about several things:

1). Emphasis on Reformed Theology- The Word of God is seen by the leadership as central, but also the direct preaching of the Word of God in terms of a proper understanding of salvation. The Word is not mixed with a mixture of "salvation based on free choice, thereby making justification partially up to human determinism.

2). Emphasis on Vibrant Worship-Participatory worship emphasized with congregational involvement as central.

3). Emphasis on Small Groups- Community and being seen as important.

4). Emphasis on making decisions based on the gospel- The Pastor seems to really be focused on making decisions based on the gospel

We are excited, and look forward to helping and being apart of this church plant as it gets off the ground.