Monday, November 10, 2008

Realizing blessings...

As I sat in my office today working on ministry plans and tasks, and as I reflected on the grace of our Lord, I was reminded of how blessed I am in my current work and physical provisions, but even more importantly how blessed I was to experience God's grace to me through my wife and my two children. We are currently experiencing a season of peaceful rest in our home, and I have been able to recognize how good God has been two me in their three lives. Christie and I will have been married three years this coming Thursday, and while just short time together, it seems like we have built an entire world together...with our kids being with us only a little while, it feels like they have become extensions of our very lives.
God has been good, and I am so thankful this day for family. His grace to me has so often come through them...seeing His provision...hearing wisdom...being reminded of his presence.
God is good.