Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Thoughts...

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions for me. Some ups and downs...some tears and smiles. Here are some of the positives that I took away from yesterday's inauguration of America's and my 44th President:

1). Although not a strict follower of Dr. Rick Warren, I wondered what he would say in his prayer...I wondered if the name of Jesus would pass through his lips given the national audience. As he prayed his prayer, "in the name of the One who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus..." I cried. I thought, yes, a risk for him to say in this secular society, but well done...well done for giving honor to the One whose name is above every other name.

2). As I watched crowds cheer their new President, I was happy...happy because I think every American should be this happy about their leadership...I say this with the realization, that they cheered one who had not begun to lead, so they were cheers of faith not realization, but cheers nonetheless. I did feel sad for the Bushes...a hard 8 years.

3). I was happy for so many who felt that their particular race would now be recognized in the White House.

4). Happy to see how George and Laura Bush handled themselves with grace and dignity.

5). Happy to see the personal touch of Barack and Michelle Obama, even bringing a gift to the White House for the Bushes.

Whomever you voted for...let us pray for our new President, for our God is Sovereignly ruling and reigning...