Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't waste your bug...

Recently our family had a short season of being "under the weather". Nothing serious, just the typical family shared bug. I don't even think we were contagious. However, there were a few days when I...daddy, got the round of it, and my life was turned upside down...I wasn't hungry, I was very tired and had no energy. I did not eat or sleep like usual...I did not engage in my typical routine, and I did not have the energy to accomplish nearly as much as I normally do...what did this teach me?

That I am too focused on me and my own routines.

That my life is too radically me-centered.

That my own desires and schedules rule my day, leaving me very closed to the Spirit's lead.

I was reminded again of how sweet family time without the distractions of my agenda is.

I think God was speaking to my heart...Ryan, in all of your service for me, don't miss out on me.

Yes, I hated being sick, and wanted to recover, but perhaps the lesson was needed. Don't waste your bug...