Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wes, Haiti & Associated Press

This came over via Associated Press recently. Here's what the caption read, "US Army Spc. Wes Davidson, from the state of Virginia, belonging to the 82nd Airborne, plays with a child lifting him over his shoulder during a food distribution operation in Port-au-Prince, Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010"

We've heard only a few times from Wes-conditions are hard...very few showers, getting up very early to distribute food. Here, it appears that while waiting to distribute food, Wes was playing with Haitian children (enlarge the picture and notice the smile on this child's face). Wes went a time or two with me to Morocco...he was the same there--playing soccer with the kids. Really- a form of theology in action. This time, I'm not sure whether or not Wes knows that Associated Press was taking pictures. This link is all over the web. I'm proud of Wes, so proud. This is really one of the reasons he wanted to serve in the Army. This in someways is what I think the church looks like...joyfully carrying the broken, hungry, poor and hurting in their time of need to Christ.

I'm proud of your work my brother...