Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A "Candy Maker"

So, Micah has a new imaginary "place". Well, really it's the couch...he gets his pillows, a stuffed animal and his Bible, which he calls his recipe book. He sits there, sometimes for 30 minutes at a time reading stories (mostly by pictures) and "making candy"...the other day he brought me "tiger candy" which was supposed to taste like pizza...of course, all of the candy is make believe, but isn't it interesting that his recipe book, and the book of intrigue for him is, well, the ultimate recipe book...the book of eternal redemption. Of course, I'm sure the pillows all over the couch are a main draw for him, but I hope that when it comes to major events in his life, he always wants to have his Bible...

Had any good candy lately...?