Thursday, July 8, 2010

PCUSA & Titus 1?

We have been digging through Titus in our series on the church and have discusses at length the issue of false teaching in leadership. I just heard this evening on FOX NEWS's radio clips that the PCUSA (The Presbyterian Church USA), which is a liberal theological branch of Presbyterianism (Not to be confused with the PCA and guys like Tim Keller, RC Sproul, James Kennedy, etc.) is very close to sanctioning gay clergy and gay marriage.

Is homosexuality forgivable like any other sin? YES
Should we harp on that sin constantly as the only example of immorality? NO
Can previously gay persons who have repented of that sin and are trusting Christ serve the kingdom, and even in ministry? YES

But, to openly bring down the view that gay marriage is okay is to seriously deny the authority of Scripture. This is just another example of the PCUSA's (and other mainline denominations like it) descent in denial of orthodox theology...and when we deny the Bible, what are we saying about the God of the Bible?

I love my wife. If she were to write me a long letter, and I were to pick it apart, except only parts of it as true, denounce other parts as unimportant...ultimately, who is the center of my, or her? Yet, theological liberalism does the same to the love letter of God...