Friday, August 13, 2010

Ephesians 5, quizzes & streets ready to be reconciled...

Today is out last day of the first week of class. My students have their first quiz/test today including their reading of a chapter from “Rediscovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood by Wayne Grudem & John Piper. Yesterday, in addition to practicing our newly learned counseling skills, we examined counseling through the lens of Scripture and the gospel. The class is attentive and asks many questions. Topics for discussion included marriage, biblical sexuality, the gospel, eternal security, the gifts, polygamy and more. It is such a blessing to hear of students entering the Institute as Prosperity Gospel preachers, and leaving as gospel-centered pastors for Christ.

Marriage here in Uganda is constantly under attack. Polygamy, adultery and male dominance are all rampant here, and a biblical view of marriage and how it relates to the gospel is so necessary. Often times men will have many wives, many children, and the gospel is not displayed in their marriages. Because of the sexual issues in this and other situations, HIV is a large problem in this country. Sometimes men lave one or several of their wives, which mean that woman, and potentially her children have no one to support and care for them, and this only adds to poverty and orphan numbers. And yet, on this little street of Uganda, where I walked this morning and saw shacks, litter-lined streets, improperly clothed children and 3rd-world living, the gospel is being taught…Scriptural interpretation is being taught, and students are learning of the Christ who died, and of the Christ whose righteousness we have. It is a privilege to be here, and to be able to open God’s Word with the students who are eager to learn.

On my team, there are three teachers, and our classes include my class on Marriage & Family Theology/Counseling, a course on the Book of Revelation and a course on Expository Preaching.

Still no illness on the team. Hopefully vaccinations and malaria pills are helping this.

Christie arrives tonight, and I believe is waiting now in Amsterdam for her last flight.

Sunday, it looks like we will be going to church and I may be preaching. The church may be a church that has two services of an 1 ½ hours each and lunch with the Pastor. Looking forward to the time and to the worship…part of the joy will be worshiping with many Ugandan believers…part of the growth will be sitting in a service where I will be one of the few people who look like I do…I will be the minority.

Thanks for reading…and thanks for praying. Do you know that Christ is changing the nations…restoring souls in salvation (John 3:16)…restoring all things to Himself (Col. 1:18-20)? This means human souls, but also creation, cities, the environment, dirty streets, corrupt governments, orphanages, polygamist marriages, HIV-infected bodies, false teaching, the prosperity gospel…all things will be reconciled to the truth and Person of our Savior. Rejoice Christian, for soon we will see this in all its fullness (Rev. 22:1-5).

Stranger at home…