Thursday, November 11, 2010

R We Content(5)?

In India, a major Hindu spiritual mountaintop experience is to bathe in the Ganghes river...this is suppose to provide Spiritual sadness associated with this ritual of darkness is that into this very river flows all of the raw sewage of the City of Varanasi...for Spiritual cleansing, these lost individuals are bathing in sewage and human waste...and yet we have the very Word of God, and I dare say, there are often too many days we don't even pick it up, much less bathe in it...when we are to be content in Christ, perhaps we are complacent in lethargy. And to think, many of these Hindu adherents wait their whole lives to waste. (Names/Places taken from Oct-Dec 2010 ed. of HeartCry Magazine)

What if we became so content in Christ that we began radically shedding our material wealth so that one of these Hindus might hear the gospel partly because we gave dollars to send one to go...