Monday, December 27, 2010

Multiple thoughts...

1). We got over a foot of snow was a closing White Christmas that extended into Sunday. We missed church, but the snow was beautiful, and I love snow, and we hardly get that much in this area. It was a nice time with friends and family.

2). This week is my final week of work as I head to Southern in January for 2 classes. Trying to graduate seminary in May, and one of these classes is a particularly difficult Ph.D. class. Learning lots of wonderful things however.

3). Christmas was a wonderful time...Christie and I agreed to spend less, try to be even more intentional to our kids (all four) about Christ and the poor, and we even were able to sacrifice some gifts to help some poor around the world. I am so thankful I have a wife who enjoys doing this kind of thing instead of looking at me and demanding a lot of Christmas gifts...our hearts were enlarged as we shared with others.

4). R We Content (10)- Last one...yesterday as it snowed, I was able to enjoy a warm home with plenty of food...many on this Peninsula did not have such a blessing...perhaps this year, our church will touch even more lives through our Mercy that many of these will have sustenance practically, but also a home in Christ.

5). Happy New Year friends & family.