Monday, January 3, 2011


So, I left this morning for what may be my last trip out to Southern Seminary. I had my luggage, (extra books) and Christie and I were getting the kids in the car to go to the airport and lo and behold, Micah and Lydia both appear with kiddie backpacks sporting a cartoon character, and both of them were ready to go with me. "Daddy, we are going to school with you"...Lydia was a little less grammatically correct..."Daddy, I come with you..."

They genuinely seemed like they were going to miss me, which made this daddy's heart melt. I love those two kids, and I love my wife who is willing to let me take this theological training journey.

On tap for this week...Theological Anthropology and Human Development...lots of reading, just finished a large paper and some lectures need to be completed before tomorrow.
-Theological Anthropology- A theological look at the doctrine of man. Keep reading...I may get inspired to write more on here this week..