Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day One---Theological Anthropology

Well, in just a few minutes, my first day of the Theological Anthropology class will begin...after a 30+ page paper, and reading more books than I can care to count, it begins. One thing on the docket:

The human constitution:
Is the individual trichotomous (body, soul & spirit), dichotomous (body & soul/spirit) or monistic (the self with no division, which may mean there is no intermediate state between death and the final resurrection), and then various other mixtures.
My leaning- Psychosomatic Unity (A. Hoekema) that a human being is a unified whole of material (body) and nonmaterial (soul/spirit) and they are enmeshed together so that there is not a Platonic dualism and yet, there is at least an aspect that each part is a side of the self...sort of like a coin (one coins- two sides- heads and tails).