Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Different day...

Well, actually didn't get to that topic today, rather a long, helpful conversation in the seminar on evaluation of aspects of social science research....really like this professor, clearly a pastoral scholar who demonstrates an inerrantist view of Scripture without compromising the ability to think and to sit at the table to scholarship. Does theology inform our view of psychology for example?

Highlight of the day...
1). well, it's sounds boring, but I am preparing a series of lecture notes on various topics and am delving into the philosophy and theologies of men like:
Jonathan Edwards
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Horace Bushnell
and more...

2). Got to meet with the faculty leader of my final course, sort of a project type course and the focus of my final research will be looking at family structures in 2nd century A.D., both historical and Christian families and making applications to biblical counseling and church ministry aspects.

Sometimes it is good to see what theological and philosophical issues have been espoused decades (or centuries) before you and see how orthodox thought, or heretical thought surfaces and resurfaces...