Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, because Southern Seminary is a Southern Baptist institution (circa 1850's), they abide by a resolution passed by the denomination at large several years ago which stated that all Southern Baptist employees (not local church pastors, but convention-wide employees) should abstain from all alcoholic beverages. They ask every seminarian to sign a covenant, and one aspect of that covenant is that we will abstain from alcoholic beverages while we are students (which is unfortunate as I see nothing biblically wrong with a Christian drinking alcohol without drunkenness, but I believe the Seminary's hands are tied due to the convention's resolution and I believe Southern is too great of an academic bastion and opportunity for me to turn down because of this policy).

At any rate, what was one of the ice cream flavors of the day...?
Rum Raisin

No alcohol in the contents Im' sure, however you'd have to like rum to try it eh?