Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Reasons for Rejoicing

1). Last Sunday, after close to a year of teaching and preparation, our church approved a large change in our constitutional structure moving the church to a plurality of elders model of leadership. It was a blessing at the end of the worship service as a faith family to vote together...

2). Yesterday, our church, amid sadness, rejoiced in the life of our first Pastor as we grieved his death as "those who have hope..."

3). This morning my son Micah told us that at our next prayer (we pray at specific events during the day i.e.- when daddy leaves for work, before meals, and before bedtime), he had a new thing to say...his new additive to our prayer?
"Thank you God for sending your own Son to die on the cross..."

I am still believing Micah is unregenerate...but those words brought tears to my eyes...