Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Find...

So, there has been a recent discovery (read here) of some possible early Christian artifacts and writings. I first heard about this yesterday and was intrigued as I have a new found interest in the 1st and 2nd Century Christian Church. The report is about some metal books (codices), with Christian symbols and Hebrew writings that could have been a part of an early Christian church...the artifacts have been lost again as a Bedouin possibly smuggled them away...researchers are trying to find them.

Are they real or fake? Do they match Biblical writing, or do they contradict?...It doesn't matter. You see, while this indeed is intriguing, (and for my personal interests very much so), no find could ever replace the truth of Scripture...what if these documents speak like other gnostic "gospels" about a different view of Jesus? What if they deny His divinity? All of these things do not matter as it would be similar to a person 2,000 years from now digging up one of our Barnes & Noble stores and finding Rob Bell's book and assuming it was our definitive view regarding see, I would love these artifacts to be studied, and perhaps find further validation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I don't need it...the Gospel is clear...the Biblical record is clear, and while artifacts inform, they cannot ever solely define..

It will be interesting to see what happens...perhaps nothing comes of it, or perhaps it is as helpful as the 1940's discovery of the Dead Seas Scrolls...either way, "Our God is Marching On..."