Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Shaphan story...

Some highlights:
Lydia comes to me at around 5:45 pm yesterday and says, "daddy, mommy needs you." I arrive to Christie saying, "I think my water just broke". We made for the hospital...and at 12:22am, Shaphan was born! (In the same room that Micah or Lydia was born in). The delivery was rough in some spots for Christie, but she did so well...I'm proud of you babe! My parents and Christie's parents were at the hospital and got to see Shaphan after he was born...Shaphan was born on my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Mom).
With my dad leading us all in prayer, we had the chance to all pray together for Shaphan and Christie and then shortly after, healthy Shaphan was born...God is always good, no matter what, and we got to see one side of that goodness.

Only a few pages have been written in the Shaphan story so far...I hope to be around when he is born for the second time...I was able to watch him take the first breath of physical life...oh how great the day will be when by Christ, he takes his first spiritual breath...

More great pictures to come! Suffice it to say, so far, we have triplets...Micah, Lydia and Shaphan...they just happen to have been born a few years apart.