Monday, May 14, 2012

Uganda...Day 1

Today was a fully day of teaching, working and learning. I have taught here in Uganda before, but this is a new campus, with lots of vision for of only 3 accredited Christian Universities in Uganda. I had a great class of 9 students soaking in the study of Biblical Interpretation. A friend from my church, Rob, had a full day of using concrete experience to tear down falls, plan concrete reinforcements for stairs and dig ditches. Our team of 11 has been working hard, and what a blessing to see how this school is seeking God centered teaching for hungry Ugandan pastors. It was so precious today to give my students the in class (end of class) assignment of interpreting a text and seeing them do it correctly...these are future pastors and missionaries who are serving the living God. The team is healthy so far, and enjoying the work and this place. On the ride from the airport last night one of the staff revealed that he was from Sudan and was one of the "lost boys" (group of adolescent boys that walked 1000+ miles during rough Sudanese times), he is serving God here in Uganda in some way. Are we willing to suffer trials and challenges and set backs in our own culture, that is so wealth-obsessed? These brothers and sisters do it every day for Christ...willingly. Tomorrow? We begin discussing more about interpretation of Scripture and move into the question of "Who Wrote the Scripture". People are hungry...we have the food of the gospel...what will we do...?