Saturday, January 11, 2014

Confession of a Small Disciple...

One of the things that I need most in my life is a constant reminder of the gospel.  In fact, sometimes I believe I am particularly susceptible to gospel amnesia as some have called it.  As I reflect on my moment by moment failures, sins of the past that come to mind, or my seeming constant need of gospel assurance, I realize that the only remedy is a focused sermon to myself about the gospel.  I long to be a person who has a bold assurance of the gospel, and a death defying desire to proclaim it, but too often, I feel as though I have a weak assurance of the gospel, and a lackadaisical impetus to proclaim it.  As one who needs a bold preaching of the gospel to the soul, I have found one book particularly meaningful.  A book that puts sanctification, justification, election and doubt/assurance in view in a biblical and honest way.  One such book is Puritan Walter Marshall's The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification:
Image 1

This book has changed my life.  I needed and still need someone to preach things like this to me:
"How horrid and heinous soever our sins and corruptions have been, we should learn to account them a small matter in comparison to the grace of Christ, who is God as well as man, and offered up Himself by the eternal Spirit as a sacrifice of infinite value for our salvation, and can create us anew as easily as He created the world by a word speaking." (Marshall, Chapter 11)

Often times, when in the car, I'll have my e-reader just read and reread certain chapters to me as I drive.  Need a dose of the gospel to complement your Bible reading this year?  Take up and read.  It's about 400 years old, and still bearing fruit...