Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflections on the Last Few Weeks...

So, it has been awhile since I've blogged, and some of that is due to being busy.  However, a few thoughts on the last few weeks:

*My daughter Magdalene was born March 7.  What a precious joy.  Thinking through her birth, I am grateful for:
-right timing of delivery
-a beautiful face, that was unique and yet looked like "another Davidson baby"
-a retiring nurse whose very last shift was to care for Magdalene
-Holding my little, precious cuddle bug. 
-Being reminded again and again how frail life is, and how little control I have.  God owns and arranges every molecule.

*Getting used to four kids:
-The looks of some (predominately baby-boomers it seems) who wonder...why did they have so many!
-The looks of others (predominately Senior Citizens) who are both oo-ing and ah-ing over the baby and the large family, and at the same time realizing how fast their own lives have flown by.
-Figuring out which parent is going to get which kids when we're out running errands.
-The stressors of 6 in the house.
-Stomach flu the week we bring the baby home...
-The amazing generosity of our church family and multiple weeks of meals.

*Some extra time with my children
-A little time off, and then some intentional time with the kids has caused me to see again, how grateful I am for this bunch of little ones. 
-The amazing and fearful realization again that I am the Pastor to these little ones (all dads are by the way)
-The occasional reminders of my own mortality and the longing to see these children through to adulthood.
-Little things...spilt milk, Mickey-D's nuggets, made up games before bed, family worship

*Reminder of how blessed I am in my wife
-For so many reasons, big and small, these past few weeks join with our previous 8 years together and remind me Christie that " surpass them all."