Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Journey to the Pearl

After much travel, lost baggage, lost sleep and wonderful team discussions, we have arrived in Uganda which has been called the Pearl of Africa.  What a beautiful land, and what a wonderful people.  I have been privileged to travel here four times with TLI, and seeing both new and familiar faces has been a blessing.  What a blessing when our luggage arrived a day later--it certainly was a reminder if how dependent dependent I can be on my own comforts.  However, the Lord brought to my mind verses of Scripture which allowed me to be baggage-less, a miniscule challenge compared to true suffering, and yet to realize the Lord provides daily bread.  

As I sat at lunch yessterday, I heard one of the Ugandan faculty members here at Africa Renewal University say as we discussed the teaching of preaching that "99 percent of the preaching he hears on the radio is unbiblical" here in Uganda.  What a continued reminder of why we journey...of why TLI is such a needed ministry--the world is need to training, and we have a small piece to offer.  

Early yesterday morning as I lay down trying to fall asleep, the rain was falling (it is currently rainy season here in Uganda) and it was a beautiful sound--may the rain of God's Word fall in abundance here in the Pearl of Africa...