Friday, May 23, 2014

Two weeks in Africa...

Hard to believe two weeks have flown, we fly today back to America.  This trip has been productive I hope and pray for the Kingdom.  My students are taking their final exam and then we will we say goodbye to each other.  What a joy to see the Kingdom expanding in this part of the world.  A few hightlights:

*the party the students threw for us last night and their words of thanks meant so much.
*Watching my students preach a final sermon yesterday and watching them sttick with a text in a culture that often rarely exposits a text.
*Seeing two particular students preach the text so faithfully, that tears came to my eyes as I saw the fruit of 2 weeks of training in Expository Preaching.
*Hearing about how the University here, Africa Renewal University is changing society one leader at a time.
*Praying with students, one who heard I was here at the school and traveled many miles just to say hello...he is still remembering our class when he was my student back in 2010.
*Giving counsel to a students as we talked about the death of his mother and the pressue to go to the cemetary to do rituals of witchcraft.

What an amazing two weeks.  Thanks to all of you who helped to finance me getting here.  I believe this has truly been a strategic trip...a trip that actually requires short term missions to accomplish a larger goal of the missionary on the ground.

Now, we prepare for 24+ hours of travel...3 airports, and lots of airplane food.  Family, and hot showers await us (yes, it has been 2 weeks of cold showers here) when we get back home.  We have been blessed, and our being here I believe has been fruitful to the church in Uganda...