Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 2 beginning-

We are beginning week 2 of our work here.  Yesterday, like the sunday before, we spent much time in different Uganda village churches preaching, engaging with pastors and people alike, and encouraging them to consider training at the University where we teach.  The food this year has been varied, always with a usual constant foundation of beans and rice.  Some higjlights:

*Preaching the gospel under a makeshift church buildng with very few walls.
*eating a whoe fish (fried right out of the water).
*Talking with a solid Uganda student and likely future pastor about eldership, expository preaching, ministry and more.
*We enjoyed a day of rest along the side of Lake Victoria at a nice place in Kampala.
*Hearing a Ugandan pastor's heart mourning the use of trickery in so much of radio ministry here in Uganda.
*Watchng students take a text and move into interpretation and then sermon outline whcih aligns to the meanng of the text.
*Ugandan rainfall.

God is at work here and I am thankful to get to see it.
more soon-