Saturday, January 10, 2015

Leavin', on a Jet Plane...

So...hard to believe a week has ended.  What a great week, and yet I will be so glad to see my beautiful family.  Yesterday's final day was a good one of teaching I believe, and continuing to talk to so many about the needs here in Post-Christian Europe.  Many in the world see Europe was the "starting place" of Christianity, and so they wonder why we would focus missions and/or evangelistic efforts here, and yet compared to so many other parts of the world, Europe is statistically spiritually dead.  This week, in my class, students from Ukraine, Romania, Holland, America, Ghana, Myanmar, and more met together to learn about Pastoral Counseling and the reflect on the gospel.  This, I believe, was a strategic enterprise.  Also, the students and faculty of this school fill churches each week here in Holland, a place that is in need of Bible-Believing churches.  What a blessing to have been a part for a few days, and I hope to return again one day.

Last night, I had the opportunity to take a train to Rotterdam and meet with my PhD supervisor.  It was our first meeting face to face, and it too was a blessing-what a kind, down to earth, flexible promoter I have who believes in the research project I have chosen.  I was glad to be able to meet with him.

Now, back to the USA, and to a post-holiday schedule start.