Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planned Parenthood and The Gospel

I came home yesterday and my wife had a slightly more quiet disposition.  I asked if anything was wrong, and she asked me if I had seen the recently revealed undercover video of a Planned Parenthood Executive in casual, non-chalant discussions regarding the selling of aborted human baby parts--aborted baby limbs, organs, etc.  I had not, and even without seeing the video (HERE), I was immediately cut to the heart.  I later watched the video in slight disbelief at the callous nature over which the woman, seemingly a medical doctor, spoke.  But of course, abortion has been an issue that has caused me heartache for years.  I am pro-life--I am for the life of the unborn, and the life of women.  Abortion, just like any other breaking of the sixth commandment, destroys an image-bearer of God.  But what should my response be to this most recent atrocity of the abortion industry?

* The gospel can save those who have abortions and those who perform them--they murder with tools, and I have been saved from murdering words (Matt 5:22).

*The gospel can save this woman pictured on the video, and any others, from callous, murderous hearts.  The gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom 1:16).

*In my outrage, I must hate the evil that God hates, but I am called to love those who perform abortions.  How can I hate others who need Jesus, when I need Him too?  One day soon, a Lord's Supper table, or the ultimate marriage supper of the Lamb table, will be occupied by one more abortion provider who has met Christ.  We will partake together in the blood and body of Christ (1 Cor 10:16-17).

*I can, under God-appointed civil authorities (Rom 13), appeal to leaders and ask why tax dollars are paying for Planned Parenthood.  I can stand in marches and outside clinics to gently testify to truth, but I must do so as one who represents Christ and the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5).

*I must seek to care for the orphan and the husbandless (Is 1:17), both of which are regularly represented in the abortion industry.  The early Christians went out to trash heaps and gathered babies that were "exposed" (a practice known as exposito whereby an unwanted child, born to a father who did not desire to keep it, could be literally discarded and left to die) and adopted them--a practical picture of the gospel (Gal. 4).  We Christians must lead the way in foster care and adoption--not "AS" the gospel, but as an implication of the gospel.

*I must temper my shock with the realization that until Christ returns, this is the norm.  We often are tempted to think that things are "getting worse", but they were technically "worse" in Paul's day in many ways.  Secular morality will come and go until He returns.  So, we say "Maranatha!"  (Rev. 22:20b).

*I must not let my mind grow numb to the senseless killing of the infants but continue to humbly work to minister to all affected by the abortion industry.

*I lament toward my eternal home and do not lament as though this is my home.

Yesterday was a sad day...and yet abortions have occurred for thousands of years.  I recently wrote a short entry for a dictionary detailing the millennia-long occurrence of abortion--people are like Cain-we murder.  And so we must call it sin, long for the Savior Who saves from sin, and continue to focus our response not on outrage only, but on sharing the gospel...the story of the Lord who created babies and Who is not overruled by man's temporary abortive schemes.  He will one day raise His elect--abortion doctors and infants alike.